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Sage x Clare

Donna Cord Cushion

Donna Cord Cushion

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Designed for homebodies and nostalgic hearts, our corduroy statement cushions are a perfectly plush piece to lean into on lazy days.
“There’s something so warm and nostalgic about corduroy, with its soft texture and ultra-homey feel. To incorporate a wide spectrum of vivid, lush colours, we’ve utilised a playful patchwork technique and double-sided design – warm tones on one side, cool on the other. Wedges of cord create a mesmerising pinwheel effect, finished with piped edges and a plush filling to tie the whole treat together.” – Phoebe’s Style Notes

Patchwork styling for an artisanal, instant heirloom feel
Soft corduroy brings a cosy texture you’ll want to cuddle up with
Cord piping, because considered details are our bread and butter
Pre-filled for the plushest texture

Measures 33 x 33 x 8cm
dolce, indigo, mauve, pea, pear, cherry, marigold, olive, madeira, chai, indigo
Made from cotton corduroy + polyester fill insert

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